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This is going too far

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A very disturbing piece of news reported here: Apple closes the iTunes store for iPhone users who don’t want to share their location.

Read the article then go read the iTunes store terms of service again (the whole thing) and make your opinion yourself if you really want to be sure. You cannot access the iTunes store any more without opting-in for location sharing. You can opt-out later from receiving targeted ads, but you will still share your location:

Now this is going too far.

And Apple’s sweet marketing privacy talk is just straight bullshit. Anonymous data? If you know my exact location for a whole week you will know:

  • Where I work: this is where I spend most of my day
  • Where I live: this is where I spend evenings and mornings
  • Where I like to go in the evening, if I go to bars, to a gym, you can even know which movie I went to watch at the theater tonight
  • Where I went last week-end
  • Unusual patterns in the evening might tell you I have a new girlfriend, especially if I start going often to the same residential neighborhood
  • Unusual patterns during the week will tell you which other companies I am working with. It should not be too hard to know if they are customers or partners, you already know where I work

Now you could even go one step further and correlate my locations with others you know, and you will even be able to know who was attending this meeting. As a professional this kind of data collection is a risk I cannot afford taking.

As an individual I just want a phone to make phone calls, I am not carrying a pocket computer around to commit privacy suicide.

Edit: And a rumor about Apple logging all Facetime call information. Just a rumor but one I would like to see disproved ASAP.

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Thursday 24 June 2010 at 10:38 pm

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