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Nexus 4 review

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Nexus 4


There have been countless reviews of Google’s Nexus 4 already. In this short one I will just try and give my opinion. In essence: this is the greatest smartphone I have ever seen. My job is all about smartphones these days so I tend to manipulate quite a lot of these. Honestly, this one is a piece of art. It delivers on all possible accounts.


The object itself is gorgeous. A thin, black slab that holds steady in your hand without being too heavy or too light. Not really fan of the almost-invisible stars on the back but whatever. The screen is pretty big but not too much. It is still longer than any of my fingers, which forces me to use it with both hands. This may actually be a good thing: holding my phone single-handedly has given me some health issues with my left hand in the past, this is hopefully gone.
What really makes it unique to me is the waterdrop-shaped screen. Instead brutal angular edges, you get this smooth watery feeling. Touching and feeling the glass has never felt so smooth and pleasant. These things are more than just communication tools now, they are really becoming tiny intimate pieces of yourself.


Quad-core with copious amounts of memory. This phone is now officially the fastest computer in my house! The user interface jumps to your touch. Agreed: my first-generation iPod touch has always been that reactive with a lot less horsepower under the hood, but hey… can’t have Java and speed on the same device unless you boost processor speed and available memory. Using a quad-core for just a phone is a bit ridiculous but Ok, this is more than just a phone.

Battery life

Not tested enough, but seems Ok. After a day of intensive use I still see 30% left. My previous phone did not finish the day with just 3G on.

Android 4.2

Nothing really new there. The big jump was Android 4, this version is just polishing a bit and adding new bugs.

Storage space

I purchased the 8GB version and honestly do not even need so much space. My best friend for listening to music and podcasts remains my faithful first-gen iPod touch. If I really want to get music onto the Nexus I can start Google Music and access some of the 15,000 songs I uploaded there.

Watching streaming movies is certainly possible on Wi-Fi, but I’d rather use a tablet for that. No need to store these on my phone either.

Conclusion: go get it if you can!

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Thursday 22 November 2012 at 10:35 pm

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