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Goodbye Free ADSL

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Dear Free ADSL,

You provided me with Internet access at home for the past ten years, and for this I cannot be thankful enough. I believe it is now time to end our relationship and move forward on our respective paths. The choices you have made over the past two months are only yours to take and you are perfectly entitled to them, but you will understand I am also entitled to my own freedom from Free and will respect my convictions.

Free ADSL: you have now installed filtering rules on your network for all your users. Watching YouTube has become nearly impossible, GMail is dead slow and Google Search is oftentimes just unavailable. How could you possibly install this kind of rule and hope nobody would notice? For the past month I have used a VPN tunnel to work around your rules, but at some point I just have to give up. I have no idea why you set this up and why you are not communicating with your end-users on that topic, but in the end I do not give a damn.

There is this one thing called Net Neutrality and you have miserably failed on that topic. As an ISP, your raison d’être is to make sure your customers can access the Internet in the best possible conditions.

Free ADSL: when did you forget you are an ISP?

When you started focusing on upgrading your magic DSL box? When you started to make more money on content than on networking? You lost me on your way to becoming the next big media thing. What I want is pure and unadulterated access to any other machine on the Internet, I do not want you to start noticing who I connect to or what kind of data I exchange.

I recently packed my Freebox and waved it goodbye. My new ADSL provider has been working great so far (more about this in a next post).

Sorry we do not agree on Net Neutrality, but I cannot follow you on this path. I do hope you will not forget again what “Free” means.

Written by nicolas314

Thursday 18 October 2012 at 2:21 pm

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  1. Je pensais pas que tu aurais le cran d’aller jusqu’au bout, me mettre dans le carton et tourner la page aussi vite après tout ce que nous avons vécu. Je suis dévastée.

    — Ta FreeBox.


    Thursday 18 October 2012 at 2:49 pm

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