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Firefox updates are just a pain

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Firefox updated itself to version 8 on its own yesterday on my Mac and broke everything. Clicking links mostly does not work. Sometimes it takes a few seconds until the browser reacts, sometimes it does not react at all, sometimes I need to triple-click a link to get a reaction. Images are not displayed correctly: only the upper half is shown and then freeze. Flash does not work either. Typing ‘’ in the URL bar does not show anything at all. All my extensions are reported as incompatible. I cannot log into reddit. I cannot log onto GMail. Quitting the browser lets it hang forever and ends up in a Force Quit.

Interestingly, Safari and Chrome have absolutely no trouble whatsoever.

With Firefox’s new way of updating itself like Chrome does, and the soon-to-be absence of version numbers like Chrome does, it is impossible to revert back to a known working browser. Update, and now play a game of find-what-is-broken-and-repair-it-yourself. Lovely.

  • I deleted Firefox and reinstalled. No result
  • I deleted Flash and reinstalled. No result.
  • I saved my bookmarks, moved the Firefox preferences folder and restarted. No result
  • I deleted Firefox, suppressed Flash, removed the Firefox preferences folder, removed everything that contained either Firefox or Mozilla from my account, and then re-installed from scratch. Now it works.

My guess would be that some extension was not successfully updated at some point. Since I have no way of knowing and no interest in pursuing further, I will just leave it at that. Chrome extensions have never choked on an update. To be honest, I have never noticed Chrome updating itself.

This leaves a bitter taste. Seen from here it looks like Mozilla is in awe of what the Chrom team did and desperately tries to replicate it without putting in the right efforts, and certainly not achieving the same level of quality. My trust in Firefox is decreasing with every new release.

Written by nicolas314

Friday 11 November 2011 at 7:05 pm

Posted in firefox, osx

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