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Ready Player One

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Just finished reading a very entertaining sci-fi book called Ready Player One. The story is perfectly paced and simple enough to be a page-turner. You will not drop this one down until you finish it!

Without revealing much: the story takes place thirty years from now and the world at large is still suffering from the current economy crisis. All of humanity is now living in dreams, in a MMORPG called OASIS. This virtual universe was invented by a big fan of 1980s goodies and the book is a real trip down memory lane for those of us who lived these years: cheesy series, japanese kid cartoons, lame music, 8-bit games on consoles, the first home computers, you name it.

This is an author’s first book though, and it feels like it sometimes. Some inconsistencies and plot holes can get irritating after a while, but the story is entertaining enough to keep you reading until the end. This will certainly make for a great teen movie!

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Saturday 10 September 2011 at 11:13 pm

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