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Objective: run a application with the fapws3 web server


If you are looking into fast and easy ways to run your application, there are many exciting alternatives out there claiming to be both easier to install (easy) and faster (not so easy) than Apache+mod_wsgi. A benchmark of Python web servers summarizes all good candidates today. I decided to give them all a quick try and see what they have to offer. First in line: fapws3

Here is my HelloWorld
import web
class hello:
  def GET(self):
    return 'Hello world'
urls = ('/', 'hello')
application = web.application(urls, globals(), True).wsgifunc()

and here is the glu to run it from fapws3:
import hello
from fapws import base
import fapws._evwsgi as evwsgi
if __name__=="__main__":
  evwsgi.start('', '8080')
  evwsgi.wsgi_cb(('', hello.application))

Start the server with python and point your browser to http://localhost:8080 to see it run. Ok, now let us modify a bit our web app: say I have a URL that requires longer computation times. This is simulated here with time.sleep:

import web, time
class immediate:
  def GET(self):
    return 'immediate'
class delayed:
  def GET(self):
    return 'delayed'
urls = ('/immediate', 'immediate',
           '/delayed', 'delayed')
application = web.application(urls, globals(), True).wsgifunc()

Open two tabs in your browsers, point the first to /immediate and the second one to /delayed. Now reload both… and wait 10 seconds to see /immediate get refreshed. Ouch. One long-running request blocks the whole server.


  • fapws3 is not threaded and never will be, according to the FAQ
  • fapws3 does not support SSL

No support for multi-threading means that you will have to implement your own manager/worker mechanism for long-running requests. The fapws3 FAQ recommends using many parallel instances and pound for load-balancing and SSL support. WTF?

Now I am left wondering: what could fapws3 possibly be useful for? There are so many more WSGI-compatible web servers with excellent performances, a full thread stack and complete SSL support out of the box, why should I bother with one that lets me do all the work? I probably missed something. Oh well…

Written by nicolas314

Monday 7 March 2011 at 11:39 pm

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