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Bricked… and back

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I bricked Junior by mistake.

The little box only has 128 MBytes of RAM which very soon become insufficient, even when running limited pure-network processes. Adding up swap on a Compact Flash is not a good idea, so I was desperately trying to squeeze the last Megs of RAM from the box. I did something stupid and disabled shared video memory in the BIOS. This bricked the box: no boot, no video, no response to keyboard inputs.

Do not disable shared video memory on these boxes!

To unbrick the box: remove the 4 bottom screws. Remove also the screws on the video plug on the back (one on each side), and the screw on the wireless antenna if you have one. Now you should be able to move the parts but be really gentle. Slide out the grey cover, starting from the back, and you should now also be able to remove the bottom part of the box. The upper part stays soldered to the CPU so do not even try to remove it by force.

If you examine carefully the top part you should see the battery. You will not be able to get to it, but you can see where it is soldered because there are two plugs coming out on the other side. Short-circuit these two plugs with a paper-clip, keep it for several seconds. Try booting the box again, just plugging in a screen and keyboard, and see if you got it back. If you did not, short-circuit the plugs again for more seconds.

Re-build the box when you are done.

I guess I will have to make do with 128 Megs. Re-compiling the kernel may not be such a bad idea after all…

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Sunday 1 July 2007 at 12:31 am

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