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Junior’s sound

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Instead of referring to my NorhTec-Microclient-Jr-box, I decided to call the little box Junior. Easier to type and blog about. So Junior was mute until I got help from the outside world, specifically from Axel:

Axel’s Microclient Jr (Seiten auf deutsch)

His pages offer lots of pictures of the box, if you are curious about size or form factor.

Axel writes there he got sound working by using a driver he found on the LTSP project (see links on his page). This means you have to download the relevant sources, install all necessary build tools (compiler, make, linux-headers, etc.), apply some patches manually to the distributed sources, and there you go: sound is working. A few caveats:

– Sound quality is good, but not that good. Do not expect very high quality stuff.
– Recompiling a driver may turn a little hard if you are not familiar with coding in C. You need to change a couple of lines to adapt it to a 2.6 kernel, compile and install. Definitely want a geek around for this.
– The driver is OSS-style, not ALSA. No need to install all ALSA-related stuff here. If you want to change sound levels (without GUI), you need to install ‘aumix’ or something similar.

For the record: the card is identified as SiS7019. You can find more about this card and the associated driver on the LTSP Wiki:

We are almost there. Once I get wireless to work, all hardware would have been identified and handled by Debian Etch. More on that topic soon.

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Friday 15 June 2007 at 1:36 pm

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